An Important Note

Statistics in Football

Often, arguments ensue on the Internet and in person based on differences in analytics. This is becauseĀ there is no unified body who produce categoric data in football. One would assume FIFA or UEFA would take the lead in such circumstances especially since football is the most watched sport in the world. However, this is not the case. Rather, companies such as Opta, WyScout, InStat and much more produce their own statistics utilising their own software. As a result, inconsistencies are found amongst the varying companies due how they define certain things. Consequently, two individuals may differ in one particular topic due to one using data from Opta and the other using data from WyScout. This creates unnecessary debate and, in some cases, argumentation. Football is considerably behind many other sports in terms of data. By clicking the ‘Read More’ button, you can find out more regarding statistics and data in football and the various problematic scenarios that arise from them.

A Growing World

Despite the problems found within the world of football analytics at the moment there is an improving world of data production, metric development and scenario comprehension. With the advancement of technology companies are finding it increasingly easier to produce worldwide data in a matter of hours. Thus, one can only hope that within the next ten years or so football will be amongst the leading sports in the world in terms of data production and analysis. However, this requires unity first and foremost.


The Future of Analytics

In our view this solely depends on how unified organising bodies become. In the NBA, the NBA itself produces statistics with a few other organisations who work with the NBA producing some other detailed analytics of the game. In football, it is upon FIFA, ideally, to produce data that is free for all to use as other sports do. However, football is dominated by companies who seek extreme amounts of payment for data and this prohibits many upcoming analysts from entering into the great world of sports analytics.