Manchester united’s offence


Last season, Manchester United utilised a 4-3-3 in 27% of total minutes in all competitions. A 4-2-3-1 was used in 13% of total minutes whilst 4-3-1-2 came in 3rd with 12%. However, Solskjær made it clear in pre-season that 4-2-3-1 was his preferred formation as he utilised it in 100% of total minutes as well as throughout the 4-0 home victory against Chelsea. Thus, this formation will be the main go-to set-up for him. However, this may change depending on certain big games.

Offensive Set-up

Due to what is mentioned on the left regarding the formation, Manchester United will always almost set-up with two left-sided dominant players in Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial. Thereafter, the other two offensive players (AM and RM) will depend on the game. Against Chelsea, Solskjær opted with Jesse Lingard and Andreas Pereira due to their movement off the ball. However, in other games, he may opt for Daniel James and Juan Mata. Alexis Sánchez remains an option, too.



strong counter attacks


tactical flexibility


Ratings are in comparison to the best team in the Premier League and are conveyed via a percentile rank. Thus, 100% represents the best team in the league in that particular category whilst 70% indicates that a team has 70% of what the best team has. For example, if the best team has scored 10 goals in the league (the highest) and another team has scored 7 goals then the first team will have a percentile rank of 100% whilst the second team will have a percentile rank of 70%.

  • dribbling accuracy 89.38% 89.38%
  • expected goals per shot 80.99% 80.99%
  • shooting accuracy 80.36% 80.36%
  • crossing accuracy 68.81% 68.81%
  • chances created 59.21% 59.21%
  • open play shots on goal 54.44% 54.44%
  • expected goals 47.58% 47.58%
  • goals 34.48% 34.48%