Manchester united’s midfield


Last season, Mourinho and Solskjær both utilised a three-man midfield with Matić at the holding position. Upon him, Pogba and Herrera would sit. At times, McTominay would come into the team and Fred would get a few minutes depending on circumstances. This season, Solskjær has made it clear that the midfield will have a 2-1 set-up as opposed to a 1-2 set-up.

Midfield Set-up

This means two players (Pogba and McTominay) will play in a pivot as a ‘2’ and the ‘1’ will be Jesse Lingard in most cases. However, there are cases wherein Pereira will start at the ‘1’ and Fred/Matić will rotate in midfield with either Pogba or McTominay. A problem Manchester United have this season is that Pogba is the only recognised centrre midfielder at the club who, at minimum, reaches the tier of ‘excellent’ as a player. Every other player is either ‘good’ or less than that. A situation that will emphasise this is if Pogba becomes injured. If this occurs, Solskjær will have to rely on McTominay (most likely) and one of Fred, Matić or Pereira to fill in the other role. This midfield would be incredibly weakened and this, then, boils down to a recruitment issue.



tenacious ball-winners in McTOMINAY AND FRED


Ratings are in comparison to the best team in the Premier League.

  • passing accuracy 94.02% 94.02%
  • speed of ball movement 91.88% 91.88%
  • possession 82.36% 82.36%
  • 10-yard advancement carries 79.26% 79.26%
  • 10-yard advancement passes 65.93% 65.93%
  • pressing against 54.23% 54.23%
  • deep completions 47.57% 47.57%
  • tempo-changing passes 32.76% 32.76%
  • clear goal-scoring sequences 30.72% 30.72%
  • through balls 23.56% 23.56%