This graphic looks at the best creators from amongst the “Big 6” players. On the bottom from left to right we can see a generic stat named “Chances Created”. This simply refers to how many chances a player creates in a game. However, it can be deceptive if utilised generally. This is because a player may pass the ball to another and that player shoots from 30-yards out. Regardless of the result, the first player will be credited with a “created chance”. However, how much of a “chance” was it? This is where xGoals per Chance Created comes in. This metric highlights how likely a goal was from the chance that was created. Thus, players with a higher rating will have created “better” chances. This metric allows us to not only see volume of creativity but also quality.

So, one can see Willian, Chelsea, on the bottom right-hand of the graphic. This is because he creates a lot of chances per game. However, he is at the bottom of the graphic because the chances he creates are not ones of high quality. Thus, him having a high volume is not necessarily beneficial here. On the other hand, Mahrez did not create many chances per 90 in comparison. However, he created high-quality chances which are far more beneficial for the team.

A player who creates one chance per game but that chance being worth 0.40 xGoals will have created 2.00 clear goals at the end of five games. However, a player who creates two chances a game but each chance being worth 0.05 xGoals will have to play 20 games to achieve the same 2.00 rating.

This is why quality is important.